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CSNSW Integrated Induction Program

Course Overview

Integrated Induction remains an important initiative of Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) to support new employees being appropriately orientated to the corrections industry within the context of our jurisdiction.

What are the benefits of attending Integrated Induction?

CSNSW is a diverse workforce with new employees bringing with them a variety of experience and qualifications. However, working within the corrections industry, which currently employs around 37,800 people across Australia, requires awareness of unique issues to support professional practice. It is therefore important for all employees, regardless of their specific role, to understand the context of the correctional environment.

Entry requirementsAll CSNSW employees are required to undertake Integrated Induction when they first join CSNSW.
Delivery mode

This workshop will require completion of the following;

  • Prerequisite online component (1 day)
  • Face to face / Virtual attendance (1 day)

Training Unit

Correctional Services Training Unit

Course Start Date

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