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Scheduling and Attendance Services

Workshop for Functional Managers

This course is also available to be facilitated off-site at your work location. To arrange this, please contact

Scheduling and Attendance Services are central to effective and efficient Corrective Centre management. This course explores staffing and scheduling structures that assist in efficient staff deployment and Correctional Centre Management.

The course will provide Functional Managers with the required knowledge and skills to fulfil scheduling responsibilities, maintain a safe workplace, minimise staffing costs and effectively manage a casual labour force.

This training will take place on site at the Operational Support Unit and be comprised of face to face learning as well as mentoring by senior staff.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand and apply staffing structures to meet operational needs
  • Apply best practice in scheduling, ensuring effective and efficient use of CSNSW resources
  • Manage the use of casual staff to fill vacancies effectively and minimise costs
  • Understand the methods for preparing, balancing and approving monthly rosters to achieve financial efficiency
  • Understand and apply the various types of leave available to employees
Course Duration:
2 Day

Target Group:
Functional Managers

Training Unit:
Custodial Training Unit
Operations Scheduling Unit

Functional Managers​ only to enrol

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