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What is recognition?

It is another form of assessment, the formal acknowledgement of a person's existing competencies, regardless of how, when or where the competencies were developed. The process requires learners to present quality evidence to substantiate their claims about their competencies against specific competency standards to gain a qualification.

What can be used for recognition?

Under the AQTF, competencies may be attained through formal and informal training and education, work experience and general life experience.

Recognition is based on evidence.

Evidence is quality information gathered to demonstrate competence when assessed against the relevant unit(s) of competency. It can take many forms such as questioning, direct observation, structured activities and review of portfolios/products.

The evidence must be current, authentic, valid and sufficient enough to satisfy all components of the competency and demonstrate performance over time.

Types of recognition

The various types of recognition are: skills recognition, national recognition, trade recognition and overseas qualification assessments.

Please contact the training unit sponsoring the course you are enrolling into for advice on the National Recognition process.