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Classification and Placement Training

This course delivers evidence based practice and will introduce learners to core skills, concepts and strategies required to facilitate initial classification assessments, reviews of classification, change of placements, classification processes, and legislation. Behaviour management, programs, case planning, SORC and its sub-committees will also be covered, along with specialised programs.

The training will be delivered in a classroom setting and assessment activities will be conducted to ensure all learning outcomes have been achieved.

The course will provide relevant staff (ie Senior Classification & Placement Officers (SCAPO), CAPOs and Functional Managers) involved in the Classification & Placement process with the knowledge and skills to be able to facilitate the classification process, determine eligibility for a range of programs and successfully lead a range of committees and meetings.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course learners will be able to:

  • Undertake an initial Remand Classification
  • Undertake initial Sentenced Classification, utilising the CPEO tool and considering program pathways
  • Undertake reviews of classification
  • Complete change of placements
  • Determine inmate placement with regard to security rating
  • Understand the significance of the classification process and its link to reducing recidivism
  • Understand the role of program pathways and case plan goals on classification
  • Facilitate Classification and Placement Team Meetings 

Course Duration:

3 Days

Target Group:

Substantive Senior Correctional Officers, SCAPOs, CAPOS, or SAS Functional Managers who are going to be rotated into the Functional Manager Case Management role, who are identified by their Governor or Manager of Security/SAS Security as requiring training in order to be rostered to the Functional Manager Case Management role or Classification & Placement Officer position. Once this is confirmed by Classification & Placement Branch, note placement onto the course is by invitation only.

Training Unit:

Custodial Training Unit

Classification and Placement Branch



Placement onto the course approved by Classification & Placement Branch only

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​For CSNSW staff only
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