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Case Management Team Training

The Case Management Team (CMT) is the primary instrument in initiating and reviewing case management in the custodial environment. This course is specifically designed to assist correctional centre staff who are participating in, or intending to participate in, the CMT process. The course refers to the most current policies and procedures used in CSNSW.


It will provide you with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective member of the CMT. Topics include principles of case management, legislation relating to case management and classification, case management in reception screening and induction, completing classification assessments, developing case plans, reviewing and updating case plans.


Completion of this course will result in a Statement of Training.

Course Duration :

2 days

Target Group

Correctional Centre staff participating in, or intending to participate in, the CMT process – e.g. AS, A/AS, SAPO, SSAPO, CCMRC.

Training Unit :

​Operational Community Programs Training Unit

regionalFor CSNSW staff

Course Start Date

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​For CSNSW staff only
Open to non-departmental staffOpen to non-CSNSW staff
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Regional training
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