Brush Farm Academy

Functional Manager Training

This program has been developed in partnership with Custodial Corrections, specifically for the new role of Functional Manager. It is the only training program of its kind in any Australian Correctional jurisdiction. Brush Farm Corrective Services Academy has tailored the components of this training to meet the individual needs of staff commencing in this exciting new role. 

It is recognised that individuals attending this training will contribute a wealth of operational experience and expertise which may be strengthened by networking and collaborating with peers. This innovative training program focusses on the practical application of the following components which are key to the Functional Manager role; leadership, legislative and fiscal responsibility, Corrective Services NSW governance frameworks, administration, and operational expertise. 

The Functional Manager Training Program is designed in three parts; Assessment Induction Day, Core Training and Role Specific Training Programs. During the Assessment and Induction Day, participants will engage in scenario based assessments which will determine individual strengths and contribute to the creation of a learning and development plan. No two learning and development plans will be identical. This process will streamline training; ensuring participants only undertake identified Core and Role Specific courses


​For CSNSW staff only
Open to non-departmental staffOpen to non-CSNSW staff
Residential component
Regional training
Blended delivery
Nationally Recognised Training