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Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) Academy​

The CSNSW Academy is recognised as a world leader in the delivery of operational corrective services training, leadership, and learning and development opportunities.

CSNSW Academy plays a key role in enhancing the quality, capacity and capability of our people, ensuring that CSNSW is equipped to deliver safe and secure corrective services, and to reduce the rate of reoffending within NSW.


Corrective Services CSNSW​

Leon Taylor

Working in the correctional environment in NSW can be challenging, but also very rewarding. The government and the community expect us to carry out our work to the highest professional standards, deliver effective offender management programs and maintain a high level of public accountability.


In order to manage these responsibilities successfully, ongoing professional development and good leadership are critical. CSNSW, through the Academy, has developed a range of learning and development programs for staff at all levels. They are designed to improve staff capabilities in a number of areas, and help you deal more effectively and successfully with the variety of challenges confronting you in your work within corrections.

Assistant Commissioner

Delivery, Performance and Culture

​Chantal Snell

As a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Skills Quality Authority, the learning and development opportunities provided by the CSNSW Academy form an increasingly important aspect of the CSNSW strategy to build greater operational and organisational capability and responsiveness.


The Academy is proud to provide our people with the key foundational skills and knowledge they need to perform their essential work in keeping the community of NSW safe and ensuring the sound administration of justice.