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OIMS Training


The Offender Integrated Management System (OIMS) is the primary corporate system for the management of offenders and is pivotal in the delivery of case management and other aspects of offender management. OIMS governs offender admissions, releases, schedules, movements, classification, property, legal orders, sentence administration, offences in custody, urinalysis, visits, and Inmate trust accounts & payroll, with emphasis on data accuracy and information retrieval.


The training topics for OIMS have been divided into small and manageable modules according to roles performed:

  • OIMS Introduction & Enquiries (eLearning & face to face)

  • OIMS for New Recruits (blended delivery)

  • OIMS Intake (eLearning)

  • OIMS IRM & Search (eLearning)

  • OIMS Search (eLearning)

  • OIMS Movements (eLearning)

  • OIMS Visits (eLearning)

  • OIMS Property (eLearning)

  • OIMS Urinalysis (face to face)

  • OIMS Offences in Custody (eLearning)

  • OIMS Introduction & Enquiries (eLearning & face to face)

  • OIMS Community Corrections Officers Primary Training (face to face)

  • OIMS for Case Managers and Report Writers (face to face) 

  • OIMS for COSP (face to face)

For information on eligibility and dates please email the Operational Management Training Unit via​ prior to submitting your application.

Offender Services and Programs (OS&P)

Note: A range of informal learning materials (Courselettes) are also available. All of the above will result in a Statement of Training.​

Course duration:

various depending on modules

Target group:

all staff with a need to access the OIMS system

Training unit: 

Custodial training Unit

Operational Management Training Unit


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​For CSNSW staff only
Open to non-departmental staffOpen to non-CSNSW staff
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Blended delivery
National Recognised Training