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Security Awareness

Staff, authorised visitors, contractors and volunteers require an understanding of security-related matters. To ensure that you remain safe and secure at all times, it is important that you have an understanding of security and how it applies to both the custodial and community environment.

This course provides participants with an awareness of a range of issues including security; their responsibilities conducting business with CSNSW; the Code of Conduct and Ethics; Duty of Care; manipulation; hostage survival and legislation.  Upon successful completion of this course a Statement of Training will be available within the Learning Management System.

​Course duration:

1.5 hours online via the Learning Management System

Target group:

This course is designed for people from external agencies that deliver services to offenders, CSNSW staff and authorised visitors who have contact with offenders, or are required to perform functions within custodial or community settings and contractors working within correctional facilities for extended periods of time or on a regular basis.

Training unit:

Custodial Training Unit


This training is delivered via eLearning Open to non-departmental staff


​For CSNSW staff only
Open to non-departmental staffOpen to non-CSNSW staff
Residential component
Regional training
Blended delivery
Nationally Recognised Training