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OIMS for OS&P Psychologists: Record Provision of Services

Course OverviewThe OIMS for Psychologists course has been designed to meet the needs of CSNSW Psychologists to record their service provision within OIMS.
Course Outcomes At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to identify the components of the Offender Programs and Evaluation Measures screen and the list of values related to the psychology service in CSNSW. They will be able to identify useful sources of information within OIMS and have an understanding of the attendance options available in OIMS. Participants will be able to run and maintain wait lists for psychology and run reports to draw information out of OIMS.

Entry requirementsOpen to Offender Services & Programs staff providing Support Services.
Delivery mode

This workshop will require completion of the following;

  • Face to face / Virtual attendance (1 day)

Course Start Date

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