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​Immediate Support Plan Workshop

This training workshop is designed to give the learners the skills and knowledge required to effectively manage an at risk offender prior to a Risk Intervention Team (RIT). The workshop focuses on the Mandatory Notification Form part 1 (Reporting procedure) and Part 2 (Immediate Support Plan) utilising the principles of Least Restrictive Care (LRC).

The workshop further aims to give the learner the skills, knowledge and ability to gain an understanding of Least Restrictive Care principles in relation to developing and implementing the Immediate Support Plan (ISP), and gain a deeper understanding of factors, interviewing and further evaluations to be considered when determining an inmate's level of risk of self-harm and suicide.

Course Duration

4 Hours Face to Face

Target group:

Staff who work in a Court complex or Correctional Centre and are required to participate in Managing at risk offenders

Training unit:

Custodial Training Unit

Course Start Date

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​For CSNSW staff only
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