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CSC40121 Certificate IV in Correctional Practice

Custodial Case Management Primary Training

This program aims to assist Case Management Officers to effectively case manage inmates by providing information in relation to operational policies, procedures, and best practice techniques. The program will assist learners to develop skills to effectively case manage and build working relationships with inmates. Learning provided within this program will enable Custodial Case Managers to provide high level skills in the delivery of quality case plans and implement case management objectives.

At the conclusion of this course learners will be able to

·   Understand of the duties and responsibilities of staff within the Case Management Unit

·   Improve custodial case management services

·   Effectively engage with and case manage offenders

·   Understand the revised Case Management Model and the relevant policies and procedures that guide these roles

·   Conduct Corrective Services assessments which underpin the case management of offenders.

·   Effectively case plan and motivate offenders to change behaviour.

The face to face, online learning, and workplace assessments cover offence mapping, interviewing skills, case management, risk assessment, case planning and skills to deal with different offender groups.

The custodial case management primary training program is delivered over 10-weeks in total and is structured with an initial 3 weeks of face-to-face learning (phase 1), followed by a 4-week return to work role and on-line learning (phase 2). Learners will then return to face to face training for another 3-week learning period (phase 3).

This program also consists of several online courses, pre-course work and assessments which the learners are to complete over a period of twelve months.  The assessments will consist of uploading assessments and/or assessment portfolios containing reports and written work such as observations of performance, workbooks, practical tasks, interviews, and third-party reports. On satisfactory completion of required training and assessment learners will attain CSC40121 Certificate IV in Correctional Practice. 

Course Duration:

10-week primary training program, online component and completion of all assessment tasks over a 12-month period. 

Target Group:Custodial Case Managers

Training Unit:Operational Management Training Unit


​For CSNSW staff only
Open to non-departmental staffOpen to non-CSNSW staff
Residential component
Regional training
Blended delivery
Nationally Recognised Training​