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Classification and Placement

Workshop for Functional Managers

This course delivers evidence based practice and will introduce participants to core skills, concepts and strategies required to facilitate initial, remand and sentenced classification, reviews of remand and sentenced inmates, Change of Placements, Regressions in classification, SORC classification reviews, Placement Guide,  Inmate Management Contracts & progression to external leave programs including an overview of Lawful and Unlawful non- citizens.

The training will be delivered in a classroom setting as well as with on the job training and mentoring.  Assessment activities will be conducted to ensure all learning outcomes have been achieved.

The course will provide Functional Managers – Case Management with the knowledge and skills to be able facilitate reviews, determine eligibility for a range of programs and successfully lead a range of committee's and meetings.

Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Undertake initial and review Remand Classification
  • Undertake initial and review Sentenced Classification
  • Undertake Serious Offenders reviews
  • Complete change of placements
  • Undertake Classification Regressions
  • Complete Inmate Management Contracts
  • Determine inmate suitability for a range of programs
  • Facilitate Classification Placement Meetings 

Course Duration:
2 Day

Target Group:
Functional Managers approved by Reducing Reoffending Strategy Team only

Training Unit:
Custodial Training Unit
Classification and Placement



Functional Managers​ approved by Reducing Reoffending Strategy Team only to enrol

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​For CSNSW staff only
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