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CSC30120 Certificate III in Correctional Practice (Adult Custodial)

Recognition pathway for Certificate III in Correctional Practice

The aim of this recogntion pathway is to recognise the knowledge, ability and skills of existing Corrective Services New South Wales (CSNSW) Correctional and Industries Officers who wish to gain current qualifications specific to their job role.

The Certificate III in Correctional Practice (Adult Custodial) specialisation covers all the competencies required by all CSNSW custodial staff members at an entry-level.

Completion of this recognition pathway will demonstrate capacity to continue custodial officer responsibilities within CSNSW. As a participant you will be required to complete or submit the following topics:

  • Current Knowledge and Assessment Quizzes
  • Online Short Courses
  • Workplace Evidence
  • Supervisor/Manager's Reports
  • Certificates and qualifications

After providing sufficient evidence to support recognition learners will be issued CSC30120 Certificate III in Correctional Practice (Adult Custodial).

Course Duration:

Learners will have 12 months to collect required evidence to support recogntion in this qualification.

Target Group:

Existing Correctional and Industries Officers

Training Unit: Custodial Training Unit

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